CATALYST and partners build capacity to prepare for sustainable egg production systems and sourcing policy

Globally, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Consumers around the world are demanding more sustainable and ethical means of food production. There is a rapidly growing demand from consumers for cage-free eggs in Thailand and Asia due to both health and ethical reasons.

Several regions such as EU member states have developed laws to protect egg-laying hens and prohibited conventional battery cages since 2012. The USA and other regions in the world are now following suit.

Due to growing awareness among consumers and increasing demand from corporates, transitioning from caged towards cage-free egg farming systems may soon be mainstream, resulting in a changing market landscape.

CATALYST, an international social enterprise organisation, and its partners are working closely with governments, food corporates, consumer organisations, academic institutes, and farmers to help build the capacity to prepare for this imminent change to a new and sustainable egg production system and egg sourcing policy.

CATALYST and Wageningen University in The Netherlands, intends to contribute egg production capacity building to Thailand and countries in Asia by implementing knowledge transfer in the next several years.

In addition, CATALYST works closely with food businesses in Thailand and ASEAN to announce public commitment to source only cage-free eggs. These progressive food businesses and organisations set an example of businesses that genuinely care about their consumers and sustainability.

The award ceremony is therefore held to announce the names of these companies and organizations which are committed to sourcing cage-free eggs (instead of battery-cage eggs) for human health and animal welfare, on Sunday, 19 February 2023, from 13.30 to 15: 00 hrs. at the National Food Institute, Bangkok, Thailand.


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